Why RTS?

Since the very inception of the fitness industry, education on exercise has been obsessed with the results. We’ve searched for the recipe for the biggest muscles, the highest jumps, and the leanest abs.

Just like making any good dish, our focus has always been with which ingredients we use and in what quantities and arrangement. But we’re so concerned with which exercises and how many reps of them that we have somehow forgotten about the very quality of the ingredients themselves.

You can literally take a degree in 'Exercise Science' and spend 3 years reading studies about how dozens of demographics reacted to a variety of protocols - but so little of it explores the Science of an Exercise.

As a result, the science of exercise mechanics has remained misunderstood, and for decades it has been completely ignored by the fitness industry.

Which is strange – because it is at the very heart of the entire personal training profession.

It’s easy to underestimate what we don’t understand.

If you want to fundamentally change the way you see, approach and design exercise – there is no subject, no degree, no social media guru that will provide the insight that an education in exercise mechanics does.

We are confident and unequivocal about that.

The Resistance Training Specialist program 

is the one true source 

of exercise mechanics information.

It has been since Tom Purvis (RTS Founder) started developing the concept as part of the original NASM curriculum in 1989. 

Unbiased. Unpolluted. Unfiltered. 

RTS is not subject to the biases and preferences of those who have attempted to copy, simplify or rebrand it for their own purposes.

RTS is not a surface-level social-media-friendly interpretation of the “right and wrong” ways to exercise.

RTS is not a cookie-cutter weekend coaching course.

It is an advanced exercise education curriculum for the thinking professional.