RTS Malaysia

14th June 2024

Pre-course Video Learning (14hrs) Commences

Online material provided to ensure all attendees have the prerequired level of knowledge to facilitate a smooth learning process. Four Modules of content separated into:

  1. An introduction to the principles and thought processes behind truly understanding, analysing, designing and progressing exercise as a professional, complete with the science of force and how it relates to exercise
  2. Essential anatomy fundamentals of the Spine & Trunk, and the exercises to challenge it
  3. Essential anatomy fundamentals of the Lower Body and the exercises to challenge it
  4. Essential anatomy fundamentals of the Upper Body, and the exercises to challenge it

21st June & 5th July (1hr each):

Live Zoom Check-ins

Group Q&A with Dr Mark Slavin to ensure you've appropriately understood the modules to date

19th-21st July 2024:

3 days of Live Learning @ Pwrhouse Studio

A 3-day workshop combining theory and practical to explore how the combination of anatomy and physics creates our understanding of exercise.

  • Application of principles to Exercise Analysis and Design
  • Use of cues to improve execution

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A qualified Mechanical Engineer with First Class Honours, and over 10 years of experience coaching martial arts and resistance training.

The region's only RTS Mastery student and qualified RTS1 Course Instructor.

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