RTS United Arab Emirates

Champs, Downtown Dubai | Aug/Sep 2024

Intro Module Released:

1st August 2024

  • RTS Philosophies & Principles
  • Objective Assessment to Optimise Hypertrophy
  • The 4 Steps of Mechanical Analysis
  • Client-Defined Exercise™

Intro Module Review:

8th August 2024

A Zoom discussion with Dr Mark Slavin on the concepts and principles introduced that will be used throughout each bodypart-specific module.

Modules 2, 3 & 4:

9th August - 5th September

The Spine & Trunk, The Lower Extremity and The Upper Extremities modules released, exploring:

  • Anatomy, Joint Functions & Corresponding Muscle Functions
  • Practical Representations of the Applications of Physics to Exercise
  • Theoretical Application of Mechanical & Cost/Benefit Analyses to Single and Multi-joint Motions
  • Zoom Review on 22nd August to answer any questions that have arisen during study


6-8th September 2024 (20hrs)

11am - 6pm

  • Set-up & Execution of Exercises for Specific Hypertrophy Goals
  • Analysis and Manipulation of Exercise Variables to Create Variations
  • Identifying Joint Axes, Machine Axes and Profiles to Create More Congruent Movements and Consistent Muscle Tension
  • The Art of Coaching & Being Coached
  • Recognising and Debunking Resistance Training Myths

Facility Partner

Your Instructors

Dr. Mark Slavin, RTS International Director

Educational consultant to training programs for some of the largest chains in the USA & Asia, having taught RTS in over 70 countries.

A qualified Chiropractic Doctor and the first Official Director for NASM, Dr Slavin was previously named honorary president of the International Personal Trainers Association (IPTA) and spent 20 years in Educational Director positions for Cybex and Sportsart.

Ross Gilmour, RTS UAE Instructor

With 13 years experience in the fitness industry, Ross has worked with a broad variety of individuals and has practiced an application of Exercise Mechanics to his processes for over 6 of those years.
A Men's Physique competitor himself, Ross works with competitive athletes and PTs, helping them to optimise their training and comp prep.

Ross was first exposed to RTS in 2018 through his constant pursuit of knowledge and has since learnt from various instructors at RTS, including Tom Purvis himself.

1.9 CEUs

20 Points

2.8 CECs

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