Who will benefit from RTS?

Do you work in the field of exercise? 

Are you inquisitive and open-minded?

Are you a PT working with clients to improve their strength and muscle-joint function?

Are you a Strength & Conditioning Coach for high-performance athletes?

Are you training clients with physique-related goals?

Great - many of our graduates are too.

Whether your clients are busy individuals who want to maximise their results from their limited availability, or they’re seriously committed to bodybuilding as a profession or hobby, aesthetic physiques are a common goal these days.

Trainers with busy clients only have a few hours a week (at best) to create as much stimulus for muscle growth as possible. RTS teaches PTs to match the resistance profile of any exercise to the strength profile of any client to create stimulus at every part of the rep.

The ‘CRAMP’ approach will help you regress exercise to meet the client where their current ability levels will yield the greatest output.

And amateur bodybuilders to regular clients to professional athletes all have one thing in common –

Maintaining good joint health while managing relevant amounts of weekly volume is critical to good progress.

People quit training programs every day because they can’t handle the stress being placed on their joints.

On RTS, you’ll learn the intelligent and individualised approach to exercise design to eliminate this problem.

These same principles apply to exercise if you’re a physiotherapist or sports physician working in physical rehabilitation.

In fact, if you’re a physical therapist, you’re our ideal student. Our founder was a physical therapist. Our course was designed for global workshops by a chiropractor.

If you are a physical therapist, you don’t need us to teach you anatomy – but you’ll benefit from the RTS perspective on “positional anatomy”.

The textbook stuff is lovely if your client is standing motionless in front of you with palms supinated. It lacks application to exercise-specific scenarios and understanding which muscles are in a position, mechanically, to move the body at various points in an exercise.

RTS will take your work way beyond resistance bands. We’ll teach you the physics of exercise and a deep understanding of available tools to help you progress clients past rehab and into the high-performance zone.

If you work in exercise, if you love exercise, if you want to better understand exercise to benefit yourself and every single client you could ever work with …