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What is RTS?

The Resistance Training Specialist course is an educational curriculum that promotes objective decision-making in the design, execution and delivery of exercise.

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No more predetermined protocols, social media soundbites, or one-size-fits-all programs.

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Whatever field of exercise you’re working in, RTS will immensely increase your professional value - and maximise your client retention.

Exercise Mechanics:

The Scientific Method

Before we even begin to worry about how many reps to prescribe in a program - we must understand and determine how to do one rep in the first place.

Biomechanics is the study of the application of force on the living structure and RTS considers Exercise Mechanics to be a division of Biomechanics specific to Exercise.

Aerobics to Strength, Function to Aesthetics, Pilates to Powerlifting, are all forms of resistance exercise where FORCE is the common denominator. It is absolutely essential to have a strong fundamental understanding of how the force you prescribe effects the end user.

Resistance Training Specialist Level 1 is recognised by ACE and NASM!

All course attendees will be able to submit 2.8 ACE CECs and 1.9 NASM CEUs towards renewal of their Certifications.

RTS' International Pedigree

Tom Purvis, Physical Therapist, Founder of Resistance Training Specialist & "Trainer to the Trainers".

Founding Faculty of NASM.

Directorships, consulting & advisory roles in international organisations over four decades.
rom biomechanics and personal training at establishments from the Weider Camps to NASA, to equipment design & manufacture for Bowflex, Cybex and Nautilus.

Over 50,000 hours of client experience.

Dr. Mark Slavin, RTS International Director

Educational consultant to training programs for some of the largest chains in the USA & Asia, having taught RTS in over 70 countries.

The first Official Director for NASM, previously named honorary president of the International Personal Trainers Association (IPTA) and spent 20 years in Educational Director positions for Cybex and Sportsart.