Terms of Attendance

By attending a Resistance Training Specialist course you are acknowledging an understanding of the following terms and concepts having been coined, Registered or Trademarked by Tom Purvis.

  • Resistance Profile
  • Strength Profile
  • Functional Continuum®
  • Exercise Continuum®
  • InTension®
  • The Exercise Equation™
  • Client-Defined™ Exercise Investigation, Execution, Progression, and Delivery
  • Who? Goal? Have? Own? & Tolerate?™
  • Segmental Proportions ®
  • Strategic Variations ® 
  • MicroProgression

It is your professional and in many cases legal responsibility to reference them whenever used in any media / content. The material delivered on the course is the intellectual property of the Resistance Training Specialist course and is provided for the usage by exercise professionals in delivery of the practice with clients.

Those who attend commit to not rebranding and redelivering the course or any aspects of the course as formal education.