What is RTS Level 1?

A comprehensive introduction to exercise.

An educational curriculum designed to encourage objective decision-making in the design and delivery of exercise, based on continual assessment of the individual client’s needs, goals, and tolerances.

RTS Level 1 Learning Outcomes

Get ahead of the game. Stand out from the crowd.

  • Recognise and debunk resistance training myths, navigating the social media jungle
  • Balance the risks and benefits of specific exercise
  • Identify ineffective exercises
  • Maximise training results
  • Choose equipment that produces optimal results
  • Understand the Functional vs. Traditional training debate. How functional is “functional” training? What does the science say?
  • Design progressions that add challenge, not merely complexity

RTS Level 1 Curriculum & Structure

Introduction Seminar - Live on Zoom

Key philosophies behind defining an exercise and thought processes behind analysing and designing exercise for individuals

  • The Exercise Continuum®
  • The 4 Steps of Mechanical Analysis
  • The Exercise Equation™
  • How the questions "Who? Goal? Have, Own & Tolerate?"™ dictate the appropriateness of exercise design and selection
  • The Fundamentals of Physics

The Video Series - Online (pre-recorded)

Anatomy, Joint Functions & Corresponding Muscle Functions

  • The Anatomy of the Spine
  • Identifying and Training all Spinal Motions
  • Anatomy of the Hip & Knee
  • Training all Single Joint Lower Body Functions
  • Training all Multi Joint Lower Body Functions
  • Anatomy of the Scapula, Glenohumeral Joint & Elbow
  • Training all Single Joint Upper Body Functions
  • Training all Multi Joint Upper Body Functions

The Practical Sessions - split across 3 days

Taking the learned thought processes and theoretical knowledge and applying it to the analysis, setup and execution of specific goals, as well as identifying joint axes and machine axes to create more congruent movements

  • An Introduction to Equipment Analysis
  • Machine Variations and Optimisation
  • The Art of Coaching & Being Coached

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to do RTS Level 1 before I take Foundations or Mastery?

No. While RTS Level 1 is significantly more advanced than the industry standards, it is the entry-level course offered internationally by RTS and a great place to start your education into Exercise Mechanics.

It's not a compulsory first step.

If you have studied enough of the required modules on ExerciseProfessional.com and an RTS Foundations or Mastery course is located conveniently for you, we would encourage you to go for one of those courses.

What's the difference between
RTS Level 1,
RTS Foundations
and RTS Mastery?

All levels of RTS deliver the same core concepts, thought processes and foundational principles.

The differentiating factors between courses is the depth to which they can be explored, the amount of time spent applying information as opposed to just learning it, and how much time individual attendees are able to spend exploring exercises themselves.

RTS Level 1 is delivered internationally in all countries other than the USA, Canada, Brazil and the UK.

RTS Foundations is delivered exclusively in the USA, Canada, Brazil and the UK.

RTS Level 1
comprises of approximately 36 hours of education, spread out over the course of up to a month, including online theory (included in the price) done in advance of a 2-4 day practical workshop.
Class sizes can go up to 20 attendees.

RTS Foundations
consists of over 50 hours of online education through ExerciseProfessional.com (sold separately) ahead of a 6 days of practical application, spread over 2-3 workshops.
Class sizes are limited to 12 attendees.

RTS Mastery
is the most advanced course offered and requires over 150 hours of online education through ExerciseProfessional.com (sold separately) before a 9-day practical application workshop delivered exclusively by Tom Purvis out of Oklahoma.
Class sizes are limited to 6 attendees.

RTS Mastery is the ONLY course where upon testing successfully one can state they are a Certified "Resistance Training Specialist".

So then how does RTS1 Certification work?

The emphasis with RTS has never been on the piece of paper that comes with it. Certifications for the sake of selling pieces of paper is what have encouraged such a low bar to be set in the fitness industry.

However, we're aware of the practical requirements and implications of certificates:

1) They allow us to issue CPT CEC/CEU credits to attendees

2) They provide attendees with a level of qualification to show for their study

As a result, with RTS Level 1 we provide a RTS Personal Training Certificate, valid for 2 years - validity is maintained by completing 20hrs of relevant further study over the 2 year period.

Ideally that study would come from www.ExerciseProfessional.com however if you've studied exercise mechanics further through another platform that will also contribute.

As listed above, this does not make you a certified Resistance Training Specialist.

What if I can't find any upcoming RTS Courses near me?

If you have a large enough group in your own city, get in touch and we'll look at when we can arrange for you and your colleagues to host one!

Alternatively, if you're interested in adding your name to the hat for joining a course, let us know where you're based and we'll give you a heads up as soon as we arrange a course in your city!

Click the appropriate button below and we'll be in touch!