What is the RTS Approach?

RTS is relevant, applicable, real-world thinking for real-world clients.

Unique RTS Principles 

  • ‘Who-Have-Own-Tolerate’ & the ‘Goal of the Exercise’ ensure trainers remain critically analytical of exercise design relative to the individual it’s being applied to.

  • ‘The Exercise Equation’ helps trainers identify all of the variables involved in exercise to better understand the differences in exercise that may appear similar.

  • The ‘Exercise Continuum’ helps trainers evolve their clients’ training priorities by mapping every exercise based on the level of coordination required relative to that client’s ability to produce force.

  • The ‘Functional Continuum’ helps rehab-focused professionals pinpoint a client’s point in their recovery process and the appropriate stimulus for that stage.

These concepts are not simply read aloud to the room as part of the workshop. 

They are rehearsed in their application over and over again, as we explore the various joint functions of the human body. 

Even then, we can’t possibly cover every single possible exercise set-up and execution.

(We can’t do that in the 200+ hours of education at RTS Mastery, let alone 36 hours at RTS Level 1.) 

That’s why we empower trainers to think and make decisions for themselves; to be open-minded and objective at the same time. 

Our goal is for trainers to complete the course with the tools to customise, analyse and optimise exercise, with exercise mechanics as the fundamental science that forms that toolbox.

We don’t paint by numbers. We create our own masterpiece.